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About Nic Wiley and Nic's Mobile Music
Just for a minute, I'd like you to close your eyes, and open your imagination to the following:
Imagine someone who loves music and karaoke just as much as you do. 
Imagine someone who has an eclectic taste in music genres.
Imagine someone who likes to get the ENTIRE crowd involved...not just the people singing.
Imagine someone who likes to dance, and LOVES to throw a party.
You got all that?  Good.
Now open your eyes...
And WELCOME to my world!!  
I've always loved music and like many of you, I am a karaoke JUNKIE!!  I started doing this in 2004.  I used to frequent one bar in particular, every week for karaoke.  One day, the host says to me,
"'re always you want to get paid to be here?"  
That was my leap into the business.  I started with one show a week.  The next thing I knew, I was working three nights, then more and more.  After that, it felt natural to fall right into weddings and private parties.  Before I knew it, I'd quit my day job for something I love to do.  
Like many of you, I'm not getting rich in this world by any that's why I try to be fair and keep my prices reasonable.  If you're planning an event and want to get a feel for my vibe, please, head out to one of my shows sometime; I'd love to see you!

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